PubAtlas Term Sets

PubAtlas Term Sets

information_graphs.termsdemonstration: important kinds of information graphs
CNP_people.termsCNP investigators, ordered alphabetically
MemoryMechanisms.termsfrequently-used terms in the CNP Memory Mechanisms project
ResponseInhibition.termsfrequently-used terms in the CNP Response Inhibition project
ADHD_genes.termsa list of about 50 genes possibly linked with ADHD
BP_genes.termsa list of about 25 genes possibly linked with BP
SZ_genes.termsa list of about 50 genes possibly linked with SZ
CNP_genes.termsa list of about 100 genes possibly linked with ADHD/BP/SZ
CNP.termsfrequently-used terms in the CNP
PubBrain.termsthe PubBrain vocabulary: 330 anatomical regions of the brain
Cognition.termsabout 900 terms related to Cognition (quoted, queries)
UCLANeuroscienceFaculty.termsUCLA Neuroscience faculty, ordered alphabetically
Semel_NPI_people.termsUCLA Semel Institute/NPI faculty, ordered alphabetically
UCLA_Psychology_people.termsUCLA Psychology Department faculty, ordered alphabetically
BCNI_people.termsCambridge BCNI Neuroscience faculty, ordered by collaborations
CNP_teams.termsCNP principal investigators
CNP_teams.termsCNP investigators, ordered by field
CNP_groups.termsCNP investigators, ordered by field, with field names
CNP_teams.termsCNP grant numbers
MeSH_Amines.termsMeSH hierarchy for Amines
MeSH_Aza_Compounds.termsMeSH hierarchy for Aza Compounds
MeSH_Behavior.termsMeSH hierarchy for Behavior
MeSH_Brain_Anatomical_Regions.termsMeSH hierarchy for Brain Regions
MeSH_Brain_Diseases.termsMeSH hierarchy for Brain Diseases
MeSH_Catecholamines.termsMeSH hierarchy for Catecholamines
MeSH_Cytoskeleton.termsMeSH hierarchy for Cytoskeleton
MeSH_dopamine.termsMeSH dopamine-related terms
MeSH_Heterocyclic_Compounds_with_3_rings.termsMeSH hierarchy for Heterocyclic Compounds (3 rings)
MeSH_Heterocyclic_Compounds_with_4_rings.termsMeSH hierarchy for Heterocyclic Compounds (4 rings)
MeSH_Heterocyclic_Compounds_with_bridged_rings.termsMeSH hierarchy for Heterocyclic Compounds (bridged rings)
MeSH_Hormones.termsMeSH hierarchy for Hormones
MeSH_Mental_Disorders.termsMeSH hierarchy for Mental Disorders
MeSH_Mental_Processes.termsMeSH hierarchy for Mental Processes
MeSH_Metabolic_Brain_Diseases.termsMeSH hierarchy for Metabolic Pathways
MeSH_Neural_Pathways.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neural Pathways
MeSH_Neurobehavioral_Manifestations.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurobehavioral Manifestations
MeSH_neurobehavior.termsMeSH hierarchy for neurobehavior
MeSH_Neurodegenerative_Diseases.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurodegenerative Diseases
MeSH_Neurons.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurons
MeSH_Neurotoxicity_Disorders.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurotoxicity Disorders
MeSH_Neurotransmitter_Agents.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurotransmitter Agents
MeSH_Neurotransmitter_Receptors.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurotransmitter Receptors
MeSH_Neurotransmitter_Transport_Proteins.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurotransmitter Transort Proteins
MeSH_Neurotransmitters.termsMeSH hierarchy for Neurotransmitters
MeSH_Personality.termsMeSH hierarchy for Personality Disorders
MeSH_Primates.termsMeSH hierarchy for Primates
MeSH_Rodentia.termsMeSH hierarchy for Rodentia
MeSH_Sleep_Disorders.termsMeSH hierarchy for Sleep Disorders
MeSH_Substance_Related_Disorders.termsMeSH hierarchy for Substance-related Disorders


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