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Each term (input line) below can have two formats:
   ConceptName : PubMedQuery
Also, optional comments/annotation on the line can be included after a ' # ' symbol. Blank lines and comment lines are permitted. Check out the PubAtlas Tutorial.


Provide one or two sets of terms and click submit.

PubAtlas will summarize co-occurrence associations between your terms in the PubMed/MEDLINE literature database.

Input Term Set

Enter your vocabulary terms (PubMed queries)

Include terms from a user-defined term set:  

Include terms from a text file:  

Enter terms in the area below — as many as you like, each on a separate line:

If you specify a second term set, PubAtlas finds associations between the first set and second set; otherwise it finds associations among terms in the first.


    Relevance threshold:   terms are dropped if they do not have this many co-occurrences with some other term.

    Find PubMed associations between these terms.


Consider using a context — a framing query that is appended to all your terms. This can improve precision and recall (and sharpen the meaning) of the terms.

Specifying a context can be done with a menu like the "Limits" feature of PubMed. For example, the context Review [PT]   limits all results to review papers.


When you click submit, PubAtlas analyzes co-occurrence associations in the PubMed/MEDLINE database between your two sets of terms.

      Thanks for your patience!      
Response may take 10 minutes or more.

Responses can be slow because one submission can generate many requests to PubMed. For example, a set of 100 new terms generates 100 separate PubMed queries. Each new PubMed query takes at least 3 seconds.

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